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What are the operating days of the buses ?

Normally, Buses operate from Sunday to Thursday. However, if you need other operating days, please mention that in the "details" section in your request.

How do I create a request ?

Go to “Requests” tab, and click “New request”, then submit your trip details (Your preferred pick up point, destination, pick up time, departure time).

How do I specify my preferred pick-up and drop-off points in the request?

When submitting a request, please specify your preferred pick up point and drop point in “Details” text box. According to the group you will join and the group’s preferred pick up points, the route and the pick-up points will be determined.

In the request, What does “From Time” field indicate?

It indicates the time of arrival at your destination. (i.e. If you select 8:00 AM, this means that you want to arrive at work at 8:00 AM)

In the request, What does “To Time” field indicate?

It indicates departure time from your destination. (i.e. If you select 5:00 PM, this means that you want to leave work at 5:00 PM)

What is the minimum number of subscribers required to start a bus ?

To start a bus, we need at least 10 confirmed subscribers on the same request.

What type of buses do you use for the service ?

It depends on the number of subscribers on a route, but all our buses are Toyota or Hyundai and air-conditioned.

How long will I need to wait for a service to start from my place?

Depending on the demand and popularity of the route. However, if you can recommend friends and colleagues to also submit their journeys to us, the chances of starting the service will be much earlier.

How do we make payment for the service?

Bus Pooling will be responsible to collect the monthly payments from the customers.

What happens if I miss the bus?

To ensure all commuters arrived at their office on time, commuters are advised to be at the pick-up point 5 minutes before the schedule pick-up. The bus will not wait at the pick-up point and no refund will be given.

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Bus Pooling is a company that provides a crowd-sourced bus transportation service for commuters in CAIRO. We supply a secure, reliable, punctual and economic service in return of a monthly subscription.

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