Bus Pooling is an Egyptian company that provides a whole new level of commute experience in Egypt.

Since Cairo's traffic jam is increasing and it is almost affecting every resident, we decided to work on a solution that can decrease the traffic jam in Cairo. We do this by moving more commuters in less vehicles using our buses network.

Bus Pooling provides crowd-sourced transportation solutions for daily commuters in Cairo, where we help people find others living in the same area who share similar work locations and hours, then we provide each group a private comfortable small bus with customized route for a monthly subscription fee.

We believe that this solution will contribute in decreasing Cairo's traffic jam, and will help commuters in enjoying a better commuting experience and a better live.

About us

Bus Pooling is a company that provides a crowd-sourced bus transportation service for commuters in CAIRO. We supply a secure, reliable, punctual and economic service in return of a monthly subscription.

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Hotline: 01098884025 - 01126639933

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