There are many reasons to join Bus Pooling service, for example:

  • Spend the daily commuting time in a useful manner (Sleeping – Reading – Working ...etc) rather than driving
  • Avoid the stress of driving in Cairo’s traffic jam for long hours.
  • Having near pick up & drop points makes it more flexible for the bus to change routes and escape from crowded streets.
  • Save your car from fast depreciation.
  • Save Car running & maintenance expenses.
  • Relax during commuting to be able to make use of the rest of the day.
  • Avoid using for your daily commutes.
  • Choose your pick up point near your home rather than far pick up points of ordinary bus.
  • Choose the bus time that suits you.
  • Enjoy our added-value services.
  • Use a bus with known time and reserved seat rather than using unscheduled crowded public transportation.

About us

Bus Pooling is a company that provides a crowd-sourced bus transportation service for commuters in CAIRO. We supply a secure, reliable, punctual and economic service in return of a monthly subscription.

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Hotline: 01098884025 - 01126639933

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